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Today there is a growing awareness that business-as-usual corporate and lifestyle practices jeopardize the health of the planet and the ability of future generations to sustain a good quality of life. Awareness in turn has created a confusing array of sustainability-oriented decisions. The Greenophobe takes a skeptical, practical, informed look at a variety of sustainability topics. Explore a mix of common sense solutions and in-depth discussions that demystify how to live green and live well.

11 November 2009

Introducing The Greenophobe: your green conscience finally unleashed

The goal of The Greenophobe is to resolve an inherent conflict that exists between the desire to live a green lifestyle and the natural tendency to shy away from things that have a green connotation.  This paradox is much more logical than it sounds and is as old as the green revolution itself.

The abudance of mainstream information and opportunities to "live green" combined with the inherent drive to live well can instill guilt or pride, confusion or clarity in your process of making everday decisions.  How you feel largely depends on your success finding a balance between your nagging green conscience and your own ingrained greenophobia. 

The Greenophobe makes this process a whole lot easier by helping to identify the ways you can make a big environmental impact while maintaining or improving your standard of living.

We're not talking about tatooing the "three R's" (reduce. reuse. recycle) on your forehead, or swearing off air conditioning, or any number of extremes. It's a new age for environmentalism where living green means saving money, improving health and leaving the world in better shape than we found it for those who come after us to enjoy.

The Greenophobe is an inside look at environmental practices concerning your individual actions which may today be considered innovative but will someday be commonplace.  Today, by adopting the environmental practices that are most relevant and have the greatest positive impact on your lifestyle and priorities, you can experience economic benefits that may not be established everywhere until your grandkids' generation.

The Greenophobe is a resource for all types of people because the information here is rooted in deep understanding of science and technology but the solutions are presented in the simplified format necessary to have a shot at making it onto your list of priorities for everyday life. 

You may consider yourself to be a hardcore environmentalist.  Or, perhaps you don't care at all about what's considered green and what's not.  Chances are if you're reading this, your environmental fortune cookie suggests you fall somewhere in between the extremes when it comes to your environmental aspirations. However, The Greenophobe does not care one way or the other because we cater to a common denominator found in the vast majority of people:  most of the time, you head straight for what makes sense from a cost or convenience perspective.

The Greenophobe is a simple resource that is breaking common ground between cost efficiency, convenience, and living a more environmentally friendly life.  We view everday products and lifestyle solutions through the lense of a cost-benefit analysis that makes sense for both the world and your wallet.

At The Greenophobe, we are very conscious of not contributing further to the clutter by adding yet more information to process and evaluate.  We've developed a single mantra that we've applied to all of the analysis and tips:  live green and live well.  No environmental decision is perfect.  Each claim and environmental perspective can be debated and traced further and futher back to determine its actual scientific green merit.  There are so many different standards and ratings, and so much changing information about what's considered to be environmentally sound, it's no wonder that most of us just block out the majority of the info. 

So, we're not here to debate or act as yet another environmental rating service.  Overthinking and overanalyzing is what paralyzes the decisions we have to make dozens of times in a day, in effect perpetuating the most common impediment to living a greener life. 

There are an abundance of practical solutions, small and large, which simply make life better and result in positive environmental change without the need to get caught up in a molecular level analysis.
Enjoy The Greenophobe's insights which are all designed to help you live green and live well.

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